Welcome to The Arena’s San Diego Wrestling program. We offer the largest year-round Wrestling school in San Diego. We have a fully matted Wrestling room, where we run weekly practices led by 2x All-American Coach Jesse Taylor.

For both novices and advanced wrestlers, our classes offer a great opportunity to learn or stay on top of your Wrestling. If you didn’t compete in Wrestling before, we will teach you solid fundamentals. If you have wrestled in the past or currently do so, training with us will keep your skills sharp.

We also work with Jiu Jitsu and MMA competitors to integrate Wrestling into their game plan. Wrestling is a great asset for Jiu Jitsu competition and a very important component for MMA. We help athletes improve their Wrestling skills, both open mat and off the cage, so they can better perform in their sports.


Our Wrestling classes are all included at The Arena, with 170 Combat Sports and Strength & Conditioning classes a week total, all for under $100 a month. Please click below for more info on our other programs: