Ulises Sierra Prepares for Tough Fight VS Edgar Berlanga

Tune in to ESPN tomorrow to see Arena Pro Boxer Ulises Sierra (15-1) slay the beast Edgar Berlanga (15-0) and line himself up for a world title fight! CiCi is ready to go out there for the performance of his life, drag Berlanga into deep water, and drown him. Support Cici and Coach Joe!


Coach Joe Vargas:
We’re wrapping up camp now. Ulises Sierra we’re going up against Edgar Berlanga, who is 15 and over, 15 knockouts. He hasn’t made it past the first round. He’s a very strong fighter, but he’s an untested fighter. And we’re going to jump on that. Find that weakness in him, try and to take them into the later rounds.

Of course, we’re going to take a risk by challenging the monster. You know. You got to come after him. He’s so used to walking everybody down and knocking everybody out in the first round. We’ve got to withstand that.

We wrap them camp sparring Jaime Munguía, the WB All Super Middleweight Champion of the World. Jaime Munguía almost simulates the guy we’re fighting. That’s the best guy to grab for sparring. So we were so honored to come down there and work with him to wrap up camp.

This fight for Ulises Sierra is huge. If he wins this fight, and the fighter too, he will be fighting for a world title, the Intercontinental Title. And it puts him in a different level in his rankings, if this fight was to go his way, which everything looks good for him. So, it’s a battle of who makes the best adjustments in this fight. And like I said, Ulises winning this fight would put him on a different platform.

So tomorrow, tune in on ESPN App. We’ll be the first fight on the card. So you guys see The Arena’s own Ulises Sierra go against the undefeated monster, Edgar Berlanga. You guys tune in and help support us.

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