U.S. Army Boxing Team Preparing for Olympic Trials

The Arena is honored and proud to host US ARMY BOXING COACH Charles Leverette and his crew of Olympic Trial Contenders for the next two weeks as they prepare for their matches with The Arena’s Boxing Coach Basheer Abdullah.


Coach Charles Leverette:
My name is Charles Leverette, coach of the Army World Class Athlete Program Boxing Team out of Fort Carson, Colorado. We’re out here visiting my little, big brother, Coach Abdullah out here in The Arena Combat Sports. He’s one of my mentors. He was my head coach for the Army. We’re out here for the next two weeks preparing our heavyweight, and our middleweights, male and female boxers for their 2020 Olympic Trials, slated to happen in December the 7th through the 15th in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

So, we have two chances at middleweight for the females, and one at heavyweight with the males. Out of those three, we can definitely put two of them on the team. That’s our goal. So, we’re out here training hard with Coach Abdullah and his crew, that welcome us into the place like it was our home. So, we’re looking forward to returning the favor out in Colorado sometime soon.

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