Tip on Finishing Lapel Choke from Back Control

You’ve got your opponent’s back, you’ve got control of his lapels, but he keeps defending and you can’t finish the choke. Jiu Jitsu Coach Ryan Fortin has a great tip that just might solve your problem, and get you the submission.


Coach Ryan Fortin:
What’s up, guys? Coach Ryan here with The Arena, at Baret Submissions HQ with your tip of the week. The trouble I have sometimes when I’m on the back finishing these chokes, I’m opening up the lapel and passing to my hand and I want to finish this, but the guy’s grabbing that sleeve and he’ll pull that and duck his head out, right? And I lose it, the ability to choke him. So, when I learned this, it helped me out huge in keeping the position. So, as the guy pulls the arm out, I’m just going to bring this hand and pummel it back under his neck and shoot it back through. That’s going to break the grips he has on that sleeve. That just allows me to bring that hand back around and finish the choke. So, one more time. I’ve got this, he’s pulling on the sleeves so I can’t finish to duck his head. So, I’ll take this hand and I bring it under his neck, shoot it back through, and that’ll break the grip. Wrap it back around, and try to finish that choke.

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