Tip of the Week – Clean & Presses

Hi, this is Jason Salazar here at The Arena. Today I’m going to show you a little tip on clean and presses.

We’re going through a couple different variations of kettlebells. Start off with a regular basic double, in between the legs, pop it up with my hips, and push. I like to do these with the fighters. We’re engaging our core and getting our shoulder workout at the same time. Because every time we’re throwing a punch, throwing those hips. The only way that bell goes up is with the hips, not using my arm, all hips. Nice hinge of the hips. Anyways, I’ll show you another one. We can go outside of our legs too. This gets a little harder. Takes a little more balance, little more of your hips. You can also do this with one kettlebell. You don’t have to do it with two.

Then we have one where we take it across our chest. This is actually going to work your side, right here. Just same thing, pop just like so, back down. All these movements are great for if you’re fighting. All engaging the core and still getting our shoulder workout. And that’s my tip of the week.

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