The Arena Champion’s Track Program

All great athletes go above and beyond normal limits. Our Champion’s Track Program is a great example of Arena fighters forging greatness when most are fast asleep.


Coach Basheer Abdullah:
On the track we have our interval training. We come out here every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 AM. We bring the boxers and some of the MMA fighters out and just keep our fitness up. This is one of the ways we gas up our tank and then stay ready for the upcoming competition. It’s a very intense workout, but it’s a very productive workout.

Coach Juan Herrera:
Today we just had some 400s and some 200s. We’re just taxing the systems that we’re going to use in a fight. The objective for today was to just be consistent with the work that they’re putting out. Then we measure that through their times.

Coach Basheer Abdullah:
We pretty much don’t give them a choice. If they’re going to be a part of this Arena team, this is one of the standards that we place upon them. They got to train consistently and they got to train at a high level because we want to develop champions. We want champions to represent The Arena. They want to be champions. Coaches want to be champions. It’s just part of our training.

About The Arena

The Arena is the largest gym in North America for Combat Sports and Martial Arts instruction.

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