Coach Joe Vargas Prepares 4 of His Boxers for Fight Night in Nogales, Mexico

The Arena Boxing Team is on the move again to compete. This weekend in Nogales, Mexico Coach Joe Vargas takes 4 of his pro boxers to continue their journey! Ulises Sierra, Brandon Cruz, Adan Palma and Jabin Chollet will all be ready!


Coach Joe Vargas:
So excited about this weekend coming up. We have four guys fighting on the card in Nogales, Mexico. Ulises Sierra going for his 20th pro fight. Brandon Cruz going for his 10th pro fight. And then we have Jabin Chollet debuting, and Mr. Adan Palma going for his third pro fight.

It’s exciting to have all four on the same card, cheering for each other and just supporting each other, and Jabin will have his teammates there for his debut, to support him. It just feels so good to be back at it, in business, boxing wise. Like these guys, staying busy, for the last year and a half has been very slow and few guys fought, but now having these guys… Just getting the ball rolling again, it’s exciting. You know, the energy in the gym, all these guys ready to fight again. Just makes it that much fun to be back at it.

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