Simple Boxing Footwork Drills to Practice Punching on the Move

The Arena Boxing Coach Joe Vargas goes over some simple footwork drills you can do anywhere to practice throwing punches while walking in any direction.


Coach Joe Vargas:
What’s up Arena family. Here’s another thing you guys could do at home while we’re going through this quarantine. Simple jump rope. Instead of using that for jumping, you lay it out, and you’re going to focus as you’re walking forward and backward that you don’t cross your legs or bring them together. You can shadowbox or you can just walk forward. Make sure your lead foot takes the first step. When you go backwards, your back foot takes the step. You bring in, you’re always balanced, working. Do it fast and slow. Same rope, you go across. Lead foot goes. You don’t cross your legs. You work, shadowbox, work on your movements. These are some of the things you could do at home while we’re doing this quarantine.

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