Ringside with Boxing Coach Basheer Abdullah

Here’s a cool video of The Arena Boxing Coach Basheer Abdullah cornering one of his young amateur fighters. His attention to technique and detail are just a couple reasons he’s been incredibly successful.


Coach Basheer Abdullah:
We got the slug fest out of the way. Now we’re going to box. We want to use the in and out movement. In and out, tag, move and use straight punches first. No hooks right now. Just straight punches. Then you exit left or right, side to side.

Off the frame. Go. Attack and move. Again, move, move, go, go. Use your legs. Turn.

That’s it. Beautiful. Good. Keep working up and down just like that, one to one again. That’s it. Step up. Be first. Step up. Come on. Work. Be first sometime. Side to side, Audrey, side to side. All you got to do is turn. She’s coming straight forward. When she comes at you hard just use your legs. Don’t engage.

Good. Perfect. You don’t have to change it yet. Here she come. Again. Same thing, that’s it. Stay with the same combo. 1,2,1 then go down. Time. Good round. Now come here.

Okay. You see it’s working. Continue to move left and right. Lateral movement. Don’t forget your feints. That was a beautiful round.

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