Olympic Boxing Coach Runs Strength and Conditioning with His Fighters

When you combine world class coaching with a world class facility you get world class athletes. Here we have 4 time Olympic Boxing Coach Basheer Abdullah discussing his boxing teams strength and conditioning program in our 10,000 square foot dedicated strength building.


Coach Basheer Abdullah:
Our strength condition program is one of the six layers we use in preparation. It consists of Olympic lifts and plyometric exercises. We conduct strength conditioning twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 AM. They don’t like to get up for that, but I’m glad to see the discipline and they put themselves in here and get it done. Again, the strength conditioning is one of six layers, which consist of tactical training, technical training, physical training, mental training, nutrition, and also recovery. It’s a very important part of our training, and we can see good results from it when we use it. We’re usually the most conditioned or the stronger athlete in a ring thus far in our careers.

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