Olympic Boxing Coach Holding Mitts for his Fighter

There’s a reason Boxing Coach Basheer Abdullah has coached the United States Olympic team 4 times. His attention to detail and precise technique are second to none. Here he is working with a young, hopeful fighter.


Coach Basheer Abdullah:
That’s your mid range, okay? Let it out again. Hold it. Okay? You should be making contact with… soon as you release. At mid range, you should make contact every time you release. I don’t care if it’s a short punch or a long fun. Jab, just snap.

Today we just doing some mitt work, working on distance, range, timing and just trying to sharpen up those elements of his game. Understanding distance. Two distance that he got to perfect. Long range and mid range. You got to be really sharp if he want to be successful and become a national champion.

Turn with two. Here. Jab. So you want to be sitting back. Be long. Okay. Sit back. Turn just like that. Good. Jab. Good. Jab. Jab. Good. One two, come on, jab. Don’t leave it out there. Okay. You got to out and back on defense right away, right?

Let’s do one more.

Coach Basheer Abdullah:
Rotate back, after the right hand. Okay, two. That’s better. Sit down. You see how you was off balance just then because you’s trying to stay on your toes too much. Okay, here we go, two. Good. Jab. Good, good. Step out. Step out. Too close. Step out.


Coach Basheer Abdullah:
There you go. That’s how you keep the distance, okay? Good. Jab. Good. Again, back three come on. Good, perfect. Again, step over there you go. Double jab going back. That’s it, jab. Don’t freeze go on defense too. Circle out, always using your feet. Tighten the hook up. Three. That’s better. A little bit too wide. Again.

On the hook?

Coach Basheer Abdullah:
On the hook. Three. Good, jab. I want you to run those punches closer and tighter. Put it up. There you go. Keep that space, good. Turn to the center, always turn into the center. Okay. Jab. Two, come on. Ah, too much, see how you left yourself.


Coach Basheer Abdullah:
Okay. All right. One, two, three, nice and tight come on. Jab. One, come on. Under, come on. Here. Two, come on. Jab. Good. When you bounce, you get caught out of position. Okay. I think you allow them, the guys to getting inside you easier, when you got that movement because you’re not ready. Okay. Right. I like how you sitting down even when you jab him, you’re going and you sitting down on it, okay. And you keeping the distance.

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