New MMA Training Room and Schedule at The Arena

We’ve added more classes with the expansion of our new MMA / Wrestling room. Come in today to train with us.

Monday – Thursday

-530pm Technical MMA

-630pm MMA Fundamentals

-730pm Wrestling


Coach Charles Martinez:
I am Coach Charles Martinez from The Arena. I just want to talk about our new MMA and wrestling room. We’ve always had a big MMA program but we just expanded the gym, put a bunch of money into expanding into this back room. Basically matted the whole room, wall padded the whole room. The floor is brand new Dollamur roll mats on foam blocks. It’s a little bit more shock absorbing.


We’re basically expanding our MMA program. Our regular team practices at 4:00 every day and that’s pro and amateur, all MMA fighters. Now we’re adding a 5:30 technical MMA class, a drilling class to help build the overall level of knowledge of the program up. Then 6:30 is going to be fundamental MMA and that’s going to be Monday through Thursday. 7:30 will be wrestling. We’ll have 14 MMA classes a week and 4 wrestling classes a week. Now that we have our separate space, we can really build everybody’s level of knowledge up a little bit more.

About The Arena

The Arena is the largest gym in North America for Combat Sports and Martial Arts instruction.

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