Myles Jury and Jon Tuck Make The Ultimate Fighter Live – TUF 15

Myles Jury and Jon Tuck, two of the most exciting lightweight fighters waiting to make it to the UFC, have just come one step closer to MMA fame. Jury and Tuck, both fighters from The Arena gym in San Diego, were recently selected as cast members for the upcoming TUF 15, otherwise known as The Ultimate Fighter Live.

With the UFC’s recent move from Spike to Fox, the previous format of the hit show The Ultimate Fighter has changed. Now airing on FX, the show will be broadcast live and is expected to have a huge increase in the viewing audience from the previous peaks of The Ultimate Fighter show.

For Myles Jury and Jon Tuck, it’s a dream come true. Both fighters are undefeated, and both are projected to be favorites to win the whole show. The two fighters are also both very similar in their stats. Close in age, height, reach, and athleticism, they possess the whole MMA package: excellent Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Striking, with KO power in either hand.

For The Arena, the San Diego MMA gym that Myles Jury and Jon Tuck call their gym of choice, it is yet another appearance of its fighters on the TUF reality show. 4 other fighters coming out of The Arena have previously competed on TUF, including Joe Duarte, Kiel Reid, Frank Lester, and Mr. Woooo himself, TUF Season 13 favorite Chris Cope who won on Season 13’s finale. Look for both Myles Jury and Jon Tuck to do big things on TUF 15 on behalf of The Arena Gym as their hard work, talent, and dedication to their sport propel them to MMA stardom.

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