Muay Thai Student Testimonial from Andrew

The Arena‚Äôs Andrew Arboleda has been a member with us since 2012, witnessing our growth as a gym and the consistency of our ethos. Check out what he has to say about Coach Chuck’s 7 AM Muay Thai class.


Drew Arboleda:
My name is Drew Arboleda. I’ve been a member here since 2012. I knew Coach Chuck from massage school and he told me to come and check out The Arena. When I came, I checked out one of their seminars and it was amazing and then after that, I was hooked and I’ve been here ever since. I like Coach Chuck’s style a lot. He combines anything from traditional Muay Thai to Dutch Kickboxing, but everything is more oriented for combat sports. So you’re actually learning a real martial art. You’re not coming in here and doing cardio kickboxing.

When I first started here, it was just one half of this arena that we have now. And to see it progress into what it is now, we have two rings, we have this whole side for striking, we just opened up the new strength and conditioning side. It’s amazing to see how much it’s evolved since I started here. I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to try out a mixed martial arts studio in San Diego or just wants to learn real martial arts.

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The Arena is the largest gym in North America for Combat Sports and Martial Arts instruction.

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