If you love mixed martial arts or want to purchase a gift for someone who does, consider buying a subscription to one of the many periodicals dedicated to MMA. There are dozens of choices, but here are a few of the top options for you to consider.

Many MMA enthusiasts sing the praises on the monthly magazine Fighters Only. This periodical includes several features each month, as well as news about MMA events and even tips and suggestions for those in mixed martial arts training. They also host a comprehensive website filled with the latest MMA news.

Another great option would be Fight! This magazine also includes a variety of in-depth features in each month’s issues, as well as tips for exercise and for training. You can also opt for the digital version, which you can enjoy on your phone. The old-fashioned paper version is $25 per year for 12 issues, and you can also browse through the archives and order old copies of the magazine.

There are also magazines that concentrate on specific fighting styles, such as Brazilian jiu jitsu. GracieMag, for instance is a monthly publication that features articles about specific fighters, articles about training, articles about nutrition and diet and coverage of BJJ competitions around the world. You can also browse through the magazine’s internet site, which contains a decent amount of information.

Another option for those interesting in Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the magazine BJJ Legends. A subscription to this magazine includes four publications each year plus a DVD included with each issue that includes step-by-step BJJ techniques, highlights from fights and other informative videos. Each issue of the magazine includes interviews with legendary BJJ athletes and trainers.

If you love MMA but especially boxing, you might consider keeping up with the boxing world with a subscription to The Ring. This publication comes out monthly and includes recaps of boxing events from around the globe, profiles of fighters, feature articles and much more. The magazine is available in both print and digital versions and you can also purchase back issues of the magazines if there is a particular issue you want to read.

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