Landon’s Jiu Jitsu Training at The Arena Gym

Check out this quick clip of The Arena’s Landon Tauzin as he shares his experience training Jiu Jitsu here at The Arena gym with Professor Ryan Fortin.


Landon Tauzin:
I’m Landon Tauzin and I’m 22 years old. I’ve been training at The Arena for about a year and eight months now. I was originally training at Undisputed and I heard a lot about The Arena, about Baret Yoshida and the whole jujitsu crew out here, and that’s ultimately what brought me here. Undisputed closed down and I came over here and loved it ever since.


First, Ryan’s a great coach, very, very approachable. It’s a wealth of knowledge. Since I’ve been doing practice with him, I’ve grown exponentially. He’s encountered a lot of the same problems I’ve had along the way and he’s very patient. I’m pretty hard to learn and he teaches me good. Oh, the gym is great. Everyone’s super cool, super friendly. From the first day I came here, everyone was just super nice and welcoming.

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