King of Catch Wrestling Tournament Rules

Sunday July 18th we are hosting the King of Catch Wrestling tournament! Here Luis Ojeda goes over the rules and ways to win the tournament. All submissions are legal. 3 second pins. 12 minute rounds, best of 3. Go to to register.


Luis Ojeda:

Hi, I’m Luis Ojeda with Scientific Wrestling. This is the rules clinic for the July 18th King of Catch wrestling tournament. You can win by pin or any submission. So first I’m going to show you a couple pins.



In order to pin your opponent, you have to hold him for three seconds on his back. This is catch wrestling, so you can apply pressure to the neck as well, but you have to hold it on his back for three seconds. Now, the referee will say “You’re pinned. 1, 2, 3.” And he’ll count you out.



One thing to keep in mind is that you can be pinned in the guard. So if the person has a guard here and I put them on his back here, even though he has the guard and I hold him for three seconds, the referee will say “You’re pinned. 1, 2, 3.” And it’s over. If I have an active submission, for example, a figure four to the head here, even though I’m on my back, I cannot be pinned. If I have an arm bar and it’s fully locked in, I also cannot be pinned because I have an act of submission. The moment he escapes this act of submission, now I’m in danger and I could be pinned.



If nobody scores a submission or a pin, then it’s a draw and those two opponents would rest a little bit and will wrestle again. Now remember, the rounds are 12 minutes long and it’s best of three. And like I said before, all submissions are encouraged and legal. Express your creative wrestling submissions in this tournament, the King of Catch July 18th. Only $25 to sign up,

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