Kickboxing Student Jamil Estayo’s Experience at The Arena Gym

Check out what Arena member Jamil Estayo has to say about his time training Kickboxing and Muay Thai with Coaches Charles Martinez and Vince Salvador.


Jamil Estayo:
My name is Jamil Estayo. I’ve been training here for about a year and a half now. What brought me to The Arena is I was just interested in some kickboxing and Muay Thai drills. Never really did any stand up combat before. I did judo and wrestling in high school for a little bit, but I never really understood the standup game, so I came to The Arena.

First time I came here I worked with Coach Chuck. His progressions drills, his pad drills and everything, just fell in love with it. Personally, I feel like I’ve gotten way better. If I ever wanted to get into a competition, I’d feel super confident with Coach Chuck and also Coach Vince’s classes. Everybody here is super friendly, super helpful. During the classes I was training with really high elite fighters. It was really an honor and great opportunity to train with them because they gave me a lot of their insight, a lot of their techniques as well. Not just Coach Vince’s or Coach Chuck’s techniques, but there’s a lot of the best of both worlds pretty much.

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