Kickboxing Student Discusses his Progression while Training at The Arena

This Testimonial features The Arena’s Mischa Matulich. Listen to what he has to say about his training Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu these past two years.


Mischa Matulich:
My name is Mischa Matulich. I came to the arena two and a half years ago to learn some self defense, also to lose a little bit of weight. I grew up much in boxing and always want to do it, but I was afraid that I couldn’t do it because my vision. One day I just decided it was time to learn. I came in, signed up, and the experience has been amazing.


I didn’t know anything from when I started. Now I feel confident in self defense and being able to deal with my opponents. I think overall I’ve lost about 30 pounds. I’ve made a lot of friends here. It’s been an awesome journey. I started taking Coach Chuck’s 7:00 AM Kickboxing class. I also have been taking Tony’s 6:00 AM Jiu Jitsu class. All the fundamentals are there and they teach you every step of the way. That’s the best way to wake up and start your day. Every day is here at the Arena.

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