Jose Hernandez Testimonial for The Arena Boxing Program

Hear what The Arena’s Jose Hernandez has to say about his experience training with Boxing Coach Joe Vargas.


Jose Hernandez:
My name is Jose Hernandez. I’ve been here training at the arena for about three or four years altogether. Training with coach Joe? Yeah, I love it.

The gym is great. I’ve trained at one other gym for a couple years. But, honestly, this space is much better. I feel like I learn a lot more as far as my boxing skills. I feel like I have a better relationship with the coach.

I took a break in between the four years that I was training and I loved it so much that I came back without hesitation. So when I was ready to box again, I knew this was the gym that I wanted to box at.

Everyone here is great. Everyone’s trying to help you. You get a lot of support. It’s like a family, like community. I come in everyday. I say what’s up to everybody. Everybody says what’s up to me. So it feels good to be here.

Coach Joe, he’s a great coach. He’s real serious about boxing. If you give him 100%, you know he’ll give you 100%. He’s a really knowledgeable coach, so I feel blessed to be working with him, because I’ve learned a lot from Coach Joe.

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