Jabin Chollet’s Pro Boxing Debut Knockout Win

Coming off his Pro Debut win by knockout, Jabin Chollet is ready to make waves in the pros. Coach Joe Vargas has been preparing Jabin for this moment for a long time and it shows! Watch out for him and the rest of the Arena Boxing Team!


Jabin Chollet:
My name’s Jabin Chollet, boxer at The Arena. I’m 19 years old. Two weeks ago, I had my professional debut. I was so excited that, to be honest, I just wanted to go for the knockout for the first round. I did drop him on the first, but I felt like I got too excited. Got too excited, was looking for the KO.


The second round started, coach was like, “Calm down. Stick to your jab. One, two. One, two. Let the guy come, and the knockout will come.” I knew he was going to come after taking a couple shots. He felt frustrated, so he came after me. He did land a couple shots. Step back, left hook, got him right on the chin, and he fell. For my first fight, it felt amazing. And for what’s coming, more and more, I’m going to keep going at it.

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