How to Land Mid Range Body Shots in Boxing

In Boxing you can attack from short range, mid range or long range. In this tip Coach Joe Vargas talks about attacking from mid range, specifically to land shots to the body.


Coach Joe Vargas:
What’s up guys? My name is Joe Vargas. Today’s tip of the day is going to be how to attack the body, short range, mid range. For the most part, when boxers work distance, they work distance with range. This would be my short range, mid range, and long range. Today, I’m here to tell you when you attack the body with a straight jab or a right hand to the body, you want to attack, this is high range, mid range and low range.

The point of this drill is to attack from a mid range. I’m going to attack Mr. Londa without telegraphing what I want to do. If I start from here and I jam here and I dip, he could catch me with a straight left or a jab to my face. But if I come from the mid range and just shoot, I’m already there. I want to end up at a mid range, lower range as I’m attacking the body. This is a bad move. Because I’m up high. But if I’m mid range… That’s your tip of the day.
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