Finishing the Bow and Arrow Choke in Jiu Jitsu

If you’ve been having any trouble finishing your bow and arrow chokes, check out this tip of the week from Jiu Jitsu Coach Ryan Fortin, as he gives to helpful pointers to get the submission.


Coach Ryan Fortin:
Hey, what’s up guys? This is Ryan “The Rattlesnake” Fortin. I’m a jiu-jitsu instructor at The Arena. This is Enrique Marte, one of our MMA superstars. I’m going to show you a tip of the week. So, what I want to show you today is just another way to finish the bow and arrow choke when the guy falls on top of your leg. So, I’ve got the guy’s back. I’m setting up my grips. I go to grab the leg, right?

Typically, I want to try to fall and escape that leg to cross the finish. This is after we go to finish, they’ll drop onto our leg and we can’t get it out. So, what I like to do from here is, I’m going to drop this hook to the mat and straighten that leg, kick it out the bottom. Now I’m able to come up to my knee, swivel my foot to the outside, recross and finish. One more time, I’ve got my grips. I go to fall, he falls onto my leg. I drop my hook, kick it out straight. Come up to my knee, swivel, that’s it. That’s your tip of the week. Hope you get some more bow and arrows.

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