Whether you love him or hate him, Brock Lesnar is here to stay. The mammoth ex-WWE fighter has both entranced and enraged MMA fans when he brazenly left his career in the world of wrestling to try his hand at the real thing, and his fight in June against contender Shane Carwin has left many scratching their heads still trying to decide if he is a genius or a big amateur. Check out all the details of the fight of year below.

At six feet three inches and two hundred and sixty five pounds, Lesnar stormed into the UFC octagon in November of 2008 to claim the UFC Heavyweight Championship Belt and has held onto it with his massive hands ever since. After an absence from the game for several months due to injury and an impressive performance against former title-holder Frank Mir, Lesnar was ready to get back into the ring and take on his next opponent: Shane Carwin.

Shane Carwin, in spite of his impressive record since joining the UFC in 2008, has maintained a relatively low profile in the MMA circles. He quietly took on some serious competition and managed to gain victories over the intimidating likes of Gabriel Gonzaga. In March 2010, he took the interim Heavyweight belt from Frank Mir, placing him right in the path of Lesnar.

The fight was long anticipated less for seeing what Carwin could do and more for the ability to judge Lesnar again. In spite of his size and brute strength – not to mention title winning abilities – many in the MMA world still debate whether or not they feel Lesnar deserves to be there.  Perhaps it is his background in a sport that some look down upon (WWE). But regardless of the reason, there was no doubt that the match against Carwin was really to see who was going to win and more about how Lesnar was going to perform.

The first round opened to the surprise of many: Carwin came out swinging, trying to establish his dominance over the mountain-like Lesnar, and to a great measure succeeded. He had Lesnar on the ground, taking punch after punch, with some severe ground and pound. Some fans thought the referee should have called a stop to the match, but the fists kept flying. However, by round two Carwin was gassed and Lesnar pounced, taking home his belt again and raising questions about Carwin’s conditioning.

The controversial decision not to stop the fight in the first round and the submission of Carwin via arm triangle choke in the second round did not do much to clear up how people on the fence about Lesnar feel. While some may call his performance in the first round a bit weak, he did manage to survive and win. Like everything with Lesnar, this fight seemed to be an example of the dueling perceptions about him and his real abilities. One thing is for sure: this fight raised more questions about where Carwin goes from here, and also about the need for a potential super heavyweight division. While he is certainly the most imposing specimen so far, there is no doubt that Lesnar won’t be the last mammoth in the octagon.

Did you watch the Lesnar vs. Carwin fight? What did you think of the final outcome?

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