Q. I want to make a career out of fighting. Can you help me?

A. Yes we can. That’s our business. If you haven’t fought before, we will start you in the Amateurs. If you are successful in the Amateurs, we will turn you Pro. And if you are a Pro already, we have everything you need to climb to the top.

Q. I want to visit from out of town. Do you offer housing?

A. We don’t offer housing ourselves, but there are plenty of hotels, motels and hostels nearby. Just go to tripadvisor.com to research the ones closest to us.

Q. Do you have a Children’s Program?

A. Yes, we offer Children’s Judo for ages 5-12 on Saturdays at 9 am. Teenagers 13 and over may attend all regular classes with a consent waiver.

Q. I don’t see women in the photos on your website. Is The Arena just for men?

A. We do train women, including multiple female Olympic Trials Boxers. However, since we don’t offer “Cardio Martial Arts” classes, we are not for everyone.

At The Arena, our students are all treated equally. This means, among other things, you will be expected to fully participate in class and you will receive contact in these classes. So if you’re good with that, and you want to train for REAL, come on by.

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