The Arena gets a lot of Frequently Asked Questions, so here are the most common ones. If you don’t see an answer to your question, please Contact Us.

Q. Is The Arena just for fighters? Can I come in as a beginner?

A. We are a Martial Arts School, not just a fight gym. So you don’t have to fight to train here or have any experience. In fact, WE SPECIALIZE in training beginners from the ground up, whether they plan on fighting or just want to learn to defend themselves.

BUT, you do have to train hard and want to learn while you’re here. We are here to teach you skills, not just get you in shape.

Q. Is it true I can take ALL the classes you offer for just one flat fee per month?

A. Yes, you are welcome to take all the classes we offer for one flat monthly rate.

Q. You offer a Free Trial. Who can use it and when can it be used?

A. Anyone can use it, no matter where you are from. Even if you don’t live in San Diego, we want you to come train so you can tell your friends about us 🙂

The Free Trial is good any time and you don’t need to reserve a space. Just show up 15 minutes before start of class you want to take.

Q. I’ve had bad experiences with other gyms trying to force me to join. Are you going to pressure me if I come by to try it out?

A. No, we’re definitely not into high-pressure sales tactics. If we are the right fit for you and vice-versa, you’ll want to join anyway!

Q. I don’t own my own equipment or don’t have it with me. Can I use yours?

A. Of course. We have loaner gear you can use, although we do recommend you get your own gear which we can supply you with for a great price.

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