100 Repetitions All Bodyweight Workout to Do at Home

Here’s an all bodyweight workout you can do at home from Strength and Conditioning Coach Jason Salazar. It’s 100 repetitions of several exercises you can complete in any order you like.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason here at The Arena. Got another workout for you today. Another body weight exercise workout. We have eight different exercises. Each of them have a hundred repetitions. You can break this up in any way you want, in any order you want. The goal here is to try to get done under 30 minutes.

All right. First in the list is push-ups. Remember guys, full range in those pushups. Your hips shouldn’t be sagging. You’re in a plank, treat it like a plank. Number two, squats. Remember guys, heels shoulder-width apart, point those toes out. Push those knees out to the side and keep your chest up. If you have to, put your arms up to keep that chest up. So guys, we actually got sit-ups. To make sure we’re hitting that full range of motion again, guys, all the way down, all the way up. So we’ve got walking lunges. Make sure we’re taking that walk and lunge. We take a big stride as shin needs to be straight up and down, heel on the ground, chest up, and just keep walking. If you got a really short room, take two steps.

So we’ve got mountain climbers next, and this is per leg. So it’s going to be one, one, two, two, three, three. Pull those knees up as high as you can. Next up, the plank hip taps. Make sure we just touch those hips down to the ground, but also remember that you’re in a plank. Next up, we got tuck jumps. Make sure we tuck those legs up as high as we can with a nice soft landing. And then we just got jumping jacks. This could be used as an active recovery. Maybe those squats does hurt your legs a little bit or those pushups. Just as you use as a little recovery right here.

So we’ve wrapped up another workout today. Remember, we want to hit those hundred reps per exercise, but most importantly, keep good form and full range of motion on those exercises. Don’t cheat yourself. So stay tuned for more workouts. Plus, The Arena is working on an online instructional platform for all of our programs at thearena.tv, which will be coming soon. So make sure guys stay safe, from The Arena. We all appreciate your support and we can’t wait to have you back into our gym.

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