Chris Leben MMA Drills Using a Wall

In this video, MMA Coach and UFC Veteran Chris Leben shows some simple movement drills you can do at home using just a wall. These will help keep you flexible and mobile for Wrestling and MMA.


Chris Leben:
What up guys? Chris Leben here and we just want to show you guys some drills that you can do at home to keep your MMA game up to speed.

What up guys? Here’s a pretty killer workout you can do at home, great for setting up your throws, great for your core. Very simple wall walks. So I’m just going to start here, doing a backbend like I’m doing a throw. Walk my head all the way down to the mat. Walk myself back up. Walk my head all the way down to the mat. Walk myself back up.

Great for your core. Again, great exercise when you’re used to popping those hips and getting that flexibility to drop people on their head.

Here’s a real simple guard retention drill you can do at home. All you need is a wall. Lie down. So right here I’m going to start with my head against the wall. My hands I’m going to push up, bring my legs up, regain my guard, spin around, head against the wall. Push up, legs come up, regained my guard. Spin around, head against the wall, extended up, pitch up, regained my guard. So great for the abs. Great for keeping you loose, keeping that guard flexible, simple drill you can do at home.

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