Drill to Reload Your Punches from Your Strong Side

MMA Coach Charles Martinez works some drills you can use to reset to the same side and reload your punches after throwing a combination. You can use this skill for Boxing, Kickboxing or any striking art.


Coach Charles Martinez:
All right. Today’s tip we’re going to work on, is some punch mechanics to resetting to the same side. So traditionally, when you first learn punching, it’s always one side, then the other, then the other, then the other. It’s all based off hip rotation and generating power. So nice easy tool to work on here. I’m going to throw the javelin, throw the cross. I’m going to reset my weight, and I’m going to, again, throw from that same side. Same thing to the lead side. I throw the jab. I throw the cross. I throw the hook. I reset my weight. My rear foot pivots. My hips reload. I throw a hook again. All right, so anytime that I’m going to double up on one side of punches, I have to reset my hip to that side.

If I throw the right hand, I reset my weight to my right hip. My head comes back onto my rear hip. And I can throw from that side again. Anytime I throw from the lead side, in order to throw this side again, I need to reload my hip. So when my jab is out, my left hip is activated. In order to reload that hand, I take a small step. I rotate my rear hip. Now my weight is on my lead side, and my lead hand is loaded again to throw another punch. Right? So jab, reset, lead hook, jab, cross, reset, rear uppercut or rear straight. So anytime you’re throwing a combination, you can reset to the same side, and then throw another punch from that side.

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