San Diego’s Strength & Conditioning Gym

Welcome to The Arena’s San Diego Strength & Conditioning program. The Arena offers 25 weekly classes in 2 specific S & C Programs we designed for our Athletes, FightBuilt and PowerBuilt.

FightBuilt is the first unique program we created for Combat Athletes who need to be agile, fast, flexible and conditioned. FightBuilt is intense and exhilarating. You don’t have to be a fighter to join in, but you’ll train like one.

PowerBuilt is the second unique program we designed. It’s based on Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting and Strongman training. You will get explosive, powerful and strong if you train in this program.

We conduct our training in a custom built facility equipped for every aspect of Functional Fitness. Our equipment includes a large rack system, lifting platforms, bumper plates, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, heavy balls, med balls, strength bands, battle and climbing ropes, chains, plyo boxes, tires, hammers and more.

We also have members who enter Olympic Lifting and Power Lifting tournaments, so if you are interested in competing, we will coach you every step of the way.


Besides all our Strength & Conditioning classes, we offer many other programs, all included for one low rate. Please click below for more info: