Chris Leben Shows How to Punch from Your Guard

In this video UFC Veteran and MMA Coach at The Arena, Chris Leben, shows how to effectively throw punches from your guard.


Coach Chris Leben:

What’s up? I’m Chris Leben. This is Chris Beeby. We’re here at The Arena wit your Tip of the Week? So I’m here telling you a little bit about striking on the ground.

So first on bottom, I really want to keep this guy down. I don’t want to let him posture up. Sit up now in MMA, bad day at the office. So all I’m going to do to set up a big elbow here is I’m going to push his head this way. As he pushes his head back, I push and I kick my leg up. Arm comes back, he’s going to drive his head back to center and boom, big huge elbow.

So one more time. Maybe I go the other way. I push this way. He pushes back. I push kick the leg, and as he drives back, there’s my elbow. Boom.

So one more time, I keep him broken down. I don’t want to let him posture up. Push and kick my leg from my angle. He drives back. Bing, big elbow to the temple. Go ahead and hop up. We’re the Chris’s, and that’s your Tip of the Week.

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