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Chris Leben is a future UFC Hall of Famer and former star on the 1st season of The Ultimate Fighter. From there, he went on to fight 22 times in the UFC against opponents such as Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping and Wanderlei Silva. He also set the UFC record for most strikes landed. Besides his vast MMA experience, Chris is a talented grappler in No Gi Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling. He coaches MMA at The Arena and runs the Accelerated Training Program, which offers Private Training designed to accelerate learning for Combat Sports athletes.



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The Arena’s Judo Program

Judo, or “the gentle way” is a system of unarmed combat, modern Japanese martial art, and Olympic sport. The objective of competitive judo is to throw an opponent, immobilize them with a pin, or force an opponent to submit with a joint lock or a

Jabin Chollet and Brandon Cruz Sparring in Training Camp

Here’s a little sparring action with young professional boxers, Jabin Chollet and Brandon Cruz, preparing for their fights June 11th and June 17th. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Coach Joe Vargas: Today, we went into sparring with Jabin Chollet and Brandon Cruz. Jabin fights June 11th in Tijuana,

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