Boxing Coach Joe Vargas’ Incredible Weight Loss Transformation

Boxing Coach Joe Vargas discusses his love of running out in nature and how it contributed to his huge weight loss and transformation in this past year. Don’t wait, start today. Every journey begins with one step!


Coach Joe Vargas:
There’s something about running in the mountains, it just feels so natural. Just challenging yourself in the terrain, and it just feels like something we’re supposed to do, we just forget about it. Running and seeing the sun come up over the mountains, it’s just a beautiful feeling I really enjoy.


As I got older and I see pictures of myself, I didn’t realize how much weight I had gained. I didn’t see the same resemblance in a mirror. And that’s when I weighed myself and I weighed 245. I just challenge myself every day to run more and more. I started at half a mile, and right now I’m running about an average of 10 miles a day. Ever since I started running in February, I lost over 75 pounds. 


When New Year comes, we all have goals, and within 15, 20 days, we forget about our goals. It took me four months to feel good. So just get at it, and you guys can do it. Whatever you guys set your goals to do, you guys can handle it. Just keep, keep, keep chopping at it.

What is Your Motivation for Training?

We’re all walking different paths. Coach Charles Martinez discusses how everyone we interact with on this martial arts journey has different goals and motivations. We should help build each other up instead of letting our egos and greed dictate how we treat each other. Leading into the new year we will all grow and get stronger together.


Coach Charles Martinez:
Hello. My name is Coach Charles Martinez from The Arena and today I wanted to discuss a motivation. I want to take this from a slightly different perspective, often in sport especially in these combat sports that we all train in, the motivation is always to be the best and to smash everyone. And I think we forget sometimes that that’s not what most people’s motivation was when they came into the gym. A lot of people are training to address fears or to feel more powerful and I think a lot of times we, especially if you’ve been training a long time or you’re a fighter, or you’re a competitor, you have the tendency of looking down on people that aren’t as good as you. And just because they’re not as good as you at this sport that you’ve chosen to be good at it doesn’t make them lesser. It just means that either their athletic ability isn’t as high, but really their motivation could be different than yours.

Just because your motivation is to go out and be the best in the world, maybe that’s not theirs. Maybe their motivation is to feel stronger, to just be more comfortable in their skin every day and maybe that’s what they’re getting. So sometimes we have the tendency of getting frustrated with our training partners and kind of forgetting that we were new once also. Maybe they’re new, maybe one day they’re going to be your best training partner, they don’t have to be a world beater to give you good work.

So I think sometimes we stray away from that and we forget that we’re all walking a different path but we all ended up in the same place. So if you take that and you treat everyone as if, hey, this could have been me on one of my first days and if someone was kind of crappy to me, maybe I would have never come back. So I think once you switch your perspective, if you could look from outside of yourself and see that maybe this person’s not like you, maybe they’re scared, maybe they’re terrified and they don’t want to get screamed at. Maybe they’ve never been an athlete, maybe they’ve never played a sport. They came here to feel better and to feel empowered and how you treat them, even if something trivial, something like, hey, good job. Even if it wasn’t a good job, just that little bit of motivation might be the reason they come back the next day. And maybe one day they turn into a valuable training partner, but either way, even if they’re only here for six months and it improves their life somehow, and it was worth it, that was their motivation, not yours.

So sometimes I think we forget, we think everyone is looking at the world through our same perspective, it doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe their motivation is different than yours. You should still respect it because ultimately that’s what we’re all here for.

4 Round Bodyweight/Kettlebell Circuit Workout

Fight Built Coach Jason Salazar is back with another workout you can do at home with minimal equipment. All you’ll need is a kettlebell or dumbbell, and your own bodyweight to get this 4 round circuit done.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason here at The Arena. Got another for workout for you today. Today we got another four rounder with five different exercises and you need a kettlebell or a dumbbell for this one.

All right, guys, we’re going to start up with 12 jumps squats. Make sure we get the depth with a nice, good jump. Soft landing. Keep those knees out. Keep that chest up. 12 good jump squats.

All right guys. Next step we’ll have one-arm kettlebell rows or dumbbell, either or. Make sure you got a nice flat back. And when we pull that bell up, we’re going to pull up as high as we can and keep the elbow nice and tight. Remember same speed down as the speed up, guys. Fight the descent on this one. We’ll do 12 on one side and then we’ll do 12 on the other side. Nice and controlled.

All right guys, next up we got 15 dead bugs. We’re just going to hold that bell or dumbbell, whatever we have over our chest, raise those legs and shoot those hips up as high as we can. We got 15 of these. You should be on your shoulder blades at the very end and try to keep those legs nice and straight all the way up.

So we got 20 quad presses. Remember we’ll turn those hands in, arms right under your shoulders, knees under your hips. We’re going to go up on our toes. Just nice even down to the floor until the knees touches, right back up. So you got 20 of these guys.

And for our last one, we have 15 kettlebell or dumbbell thrusters. We’ll hold that bell right here. Do a nice squat as I come up, up overhead and back down. Use the momentum of that squat pushing up to carry that bell up, don’t pause at the top then press. You got 15 of these guys.

All right. So at the end of each round, we’re going to do another quarter mile run, should be around your block or the best you can do for a quarter mile. If you need to make the run shorter, make it shorter. Try to get this done, post your times and stay tuned for some more workouts.

Climb the Ladder Bodyweight Workout

Here’s a great conditioning workout you can do at home with all bodyweight exercises. It’s a ladder climbing workout, so each set you’ll do one more rep than the last set. Try to work up to 10 reps before 30 minutes goes by.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey, guys. Jason here at The Arena. Got another workout for you today. Today, we’re going to climb a ladder. There is a 30-minute time cap on this. So, if 30 minutes is hit, and you’re not done with this, we’re just going to stop wherever we’re at. We have six different exercises. We’ll start each of them with just doing one repetition of each. As we get through all six, then we’ll come back to the top, and we’ll do two repetitions of each. As we get through all six again, we’ll go to the three repetitions. I think you see where this is going. Every time, you go up one more number. And so, we try to get to number 10. All right. I’m just going to start off with one hand-release push-up. All the way down onto that chest. Don’t let those hips touch the ground, release the hands, and back up we go.

After that, I’m just going to get up, hands behind my head, prison squat. Get down, keep that chest up, come right back up. After that, I’m just putting my feet together, knees out, and do one sit-up. Roll on over, get into a plank, and we’ll do a plank jack, out and back in. That’ll be one. After my plant jacks, I got jumping lunges. We’ll start one leg down one, one, and one. After that, I’m going to do one inch worm. We’ll walk it on out, push-up, and walk those back feet in as far as you can. Try to keep those legs straight, and that’ll be one.


After you get done with that, I go back to the top of the pushups. But now, everything is two. Get through the whole round, get back to the top, everything is three. So, it’ll constantly add some repetitions. Try to get up high up the ladder as high as you can. Remember, after 30 minutes, we’re going to cut it. Hope you enjoy this workout. Stay tuned for some more.

20 Minute AMRAP All Bodyweight Workout

This is a great strength and conditioning workout you can do at home in just 20 minutes with no equipment. It’s all bodyweight exercises and the goal is to complete as many repetitions as possible in that 20 minutes.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason, here at The Arena. I’ve got another workout for you today. Today we have a 20 minute AMRAP to do. AMRAP means as many rounds as possible. We have eight different exercises we have to complete over and over, and see how many rounds we can get in that 20 minutes.

All right, guys, I’m just going to run through the whole round for you. I’m going to start off with 10 pike presses. It’s basically getting into a push-up, but walking those feet in, getting that butt up high in the air, and taking the head, put it right between those hands, and press right back out of there. We’ll start off with 10.


Then right after that I got two Burpees to do. After the two Burpees I’m going to drop down, and just do 10 flutter kicks. Then guess what? Two more Burpees.


Then back down for 10 V-ups. And two Burpees. Then I’ll do 10 Prison Squats. Hands behind your head, make sure you get the depth, and try to keep that chest up. And then two Burpees.


That’s one whole round. We’re doing that for 20 minutes. See how many rounds you guys can get. Stay tuned for some more workouts.

3 Round Intense Bodyweight Workout

Here’s a tough workout you guys can do at home without any equipment. Fight Built Coach Jason walks you through this 3 round bodyweight circuit. Try to get it done as fast as you can while maintaining good form on every rep.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason here, at The Arena. We’ve got another workout for you today. Today, we’re going to do three rounds for time. This will be another body weight workout. We’re going to try to get through this as fast as we can.


So first on the list is 30 push-ups. Make sure we’re going all the way down and all the way up. If you can’t do 30 push-ups in a row, guess what? Stop and take a break. Don’t start doing these to sacrifice getting through this. Get all the way down, all the way up. It’s the only way we get better at push-ups.


After those push-ups, we’re going to alternate lunges. We’re going to do 15 on each leg, 30 total, however you like to count. You’re just going to go and make sure this is straight up and down, and guys, chest is up. We’ll come back. So that’ll be one, one, two, two, three, three, all the way until we get to 15 on each side.


Following up those lunges, we’re going to go straight to 30 sit-ups, guys. Just make sure we get all the way up, all the way down.


All right, let me get 30 tuck jumps. Make sure we got a nice, soft landing, and tuck those legs.


And now, we want to finish this one with 30 quad presses. Get those arms right under the shoulders, knees under hips, turn the hands in, open the toes. And just a nice even press here, knees touch and back up. We’ve got 30 of those.


All right, so at the end of each round, we have a hundred jumping jacks to get through. You can do this and some recovery, or if you’re really going for that time, speed them up.


All right, guys, so this is three rounds, four at a time. They are some large numbers, you might not be able to get through them all. So you might have to stop and take a break. Remember, don’t sacrifice half push-ups for full push-ups. Do them correctly, it’s the only way we get better at these.

So stay tuned for some more workouts, guys.

4 Round Kettlebell Circuit

FightBuilt Coach Jason walks you through this tough 4 round kettlebell circuit workout you can do on your own. Make sure to stop in to his class and build your strength and conditioning.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey, guys. Jason, here at The Arena. Got another workout today. Today, we have four rounds to complete. There’s five different exercises. We’re going to see how fast we can get this done. You’ll need a kettlebell or a dumbbell for this one. All right, guys, first on the list, we have 30 kettlebell swings. Remember, it all comes from the hips, guys. You’re not using that arm to pull that bell up, just popping those hips, standing tall at the top. Your butt should be nice and squeezed at the top, big pop.

All right, so next up, we have 10 kettlebell sit-ups with each arm. This might be a little hard if you’ve got a heavy bell. Maybe, you’ve got a lighter one or a lighter dumbbell you can use. We’re just going to try to get up best as possible. We’ll do 10 on one side and 10 on the other. You’re going to have to balance this bell over you. It shouldn’t be pulling you forward. It shouldn’t be pulling you backwards or side to side. You got to balance it. Keep it directly over you. Just remember 10 on one side and 10 on the other.

Next up, we’re just going to clean the bell 15 times on one side and then 15 times on the other side. If you guys are still having problems with your cleans, start turning your thumb in as it goes down, let it rotate out. Don’t force the bell. Just try to bring your hand back to your chest. There’s a natural rotation that happens, so you don’t whack yourself with the bell. Keep the arm tight, and remember, the hips drive the bell up still. 15 on one side. 15 on the other.

Now we got 15 side bends on each side. When we’re doing these kettlebell side bends, you’re kind of in a narrow stance. Watch your knee as you go down. Go as far as you can. When you come back up, don’t just stand up. Extend over to the other side as much as you can. We’ll do 15 all the way. All the way down, all the way up and over as much as you can. 15 on one side, and then we’ll just switch it, and we’ll do 15 on the other side.

All right, so for our last one, we’re going to rack the bell up. We have 12 lunges on each leg. When we lunge, whatever side you have your bell on, I want your opposite leg to go out because it’s going to want to twist you, and I want you to fight it with your core. So I’ll do one, two, and yes, make sure that knee touches the ground, three, all the way to 12. When I get to 12, I pop it over, switch the legs, all the way down. Remember to stand tall, guys in our lunges, and fight that bell from twisting you.

All right, guys, so at the end of each round, we are going to do a quarter-mile run. Usually, it’s run around your block, just a nice little quarter-mile. Use it as recovery. Unless you just want to go balls to the wall, go as fast as you can because this is timed. Now, if this workout takes you more than 40 minutes, you need to cut the repetitions or cut a whole round off of it. We should be getting done around 30 minutes in this, no longer. All right, enjoy it. Stay tuned for some more workouts.

6 Round Bodyweight Home Workout

The Arena Strength and Conditioning Coach Jason Salazar will walk you through this all bodyweight workout you can do at home with no equipment. It’s six rounds of six exercises that will hit your whole body. Enjoy!


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey, guys. Jason here, at The Arena. Got another workout for you today. Today we have six rounds, six 10 in exercises, all body weight, and it’s four times. See how fast you can get this done.


All right, we’ll start off with alternating lunges. We just have five on each side because everything is 10. So make sure you’re doing five on each leg. When we do those lunges, chest up, straight up and down.


Second exercise, we have 10 jump squats. Nice big jump. Get the depth on those squats. Keep that chest up. Just 10 big jumps squats.

All right, so we have 10 plank pushups. That’ll be for each side. So we’re going to do five one direction, dropping that left elbow first. And then we’ll drop that right elbow for five times.


All right, so then we have plank shoulder taps following those plank pushups. We’ll just do five on each shoulder. Remember, don’t sway back and forth. Try to keep as stable as possible when you’re doing this.


Now, you got 10 sit ups. Remember, all the way down, all the way up.


After the sit ups, we have 10 Russian twists. This will be total again. So one, two, three, four, five, all the way to 10. Very important guys. Keep those legs nice and straight. Touch that ground.


All right, guys, so this is six rounds. It’s total of 60 reps per round. See how fast you can get this done. Post your times, and stay tuned for some more workouts.

20 Minute AMRAP Workout with 6 Exercises

Coach Jason is back with another Strength and Conditioning workout you can do with a kettlebell. It’s only 20 minutes of work and the goal is to get as much done as possible.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey, guys. Jason here at The Arena. Got a workout for you today. Today we’re going to do a 20-minute AMRAP. That means as many rounds as possible of five exercises, and we’re just going to keep repeating them, see how many rounds we can combine in 20 minutes. See what our total is at the end.

All right, guys. For this, you will need a kettle bell or one dumbbell. I’m going to run through the whole round for you, because everything’s pretty small numbers. We’re going to start off with just five tuck jumps. Remember, tuck those legs up there, nice and high, with a nice soft landing.

After that, we’re going to do a sumo deadlift high pull with the kettle bell. Remember, sumo, wide stance. Use those hips to snap that ball up. Pull it all the way up to under that chin, with those nice high elbows. We’ve only got five.

After that, we got jumping lunges, five on each leg. So, one, one, two, two, three, three, four, four, five, and five.

After that, we’re going to do on the ground. I got five V-ups. Just try to make a V as best as possible. Get up on that butt.

After my five V-ups, I’ll just roll around and over for five hand release pushups. Come all the way up, as high as you can. Full extension on those pushups. So that was the last one on the list.

After every round, 20 jumping jacks. I did my 20 jumping jacks. Start all the way at the top again with those tuck jumps. See how many rounds you can get.

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