Reaction and Speed Boxing Drills Using a Tennis Ball

In this video Boxing Coach Joe Vargas shows a couple cool drills you can practice at home with a ball. They will help you build your reaction speed and timing while throwing punches, and also teach you to keep your hands up protecting your face.


Coach Joe Vargas:
What’s up Arena family? I’m Joe Vargas. Here are some of the things you guys can do at home while we’re on quarantine. Simple drill with a ball. Reaction drills. Hands up, catch the ball. See the hand I’m not using? It’s coming right back to my cheekbone. That’s one thing you can work on while you’re at home.


A second one, this ball helps out a lot, is to keep your hands up. Put it right under your armpit as you’re shadow boxing. Work one single hand, that way you keep your hand up. Switch hands and use your power hand. Make sure you’re balanced proper and work on your technique. That’s some of the stuff you could do at home with a simple ball.

Throwing Punches and Changing Directions

In this drill Coach Vince works on using certain directional patterns along with punching combinations, to help you learn how to move while punching. This can be applied to all the striking arts including MMA, Boxing and Kickboxing.


Coach Vince Salvador:
What’s up guys? I’m coach Vince from the Arena. Here’s a couple of drills that you can use without any equipment, working on footwork, tying in your punching, and you’re moving your feet and your head at the same time. So there’s multiple things going on in this drill. What I’m doing is I’m going to set up directional patterns for me to move. I’m going to go forward first, back, to my left and then to my right. And when I do this, I’m going to add the punches that I need to throw going forward, going back, going left or going right. The correct ones. If I throw the wrong ones, I get hit. So when I’m coming forward, I’m using my jab and my cross. My feet are also going to come forward. So it’s one and two. When I land here, my body has to reset back into fighting position.

Now I’m back into fighting position. If my opponent decides to come forward, watch my back foot. I take a step with my back foot, retract my lead foot, and then I throw my hook. My head comes back into this position now. Now I’m set up. Lead access to go this way. My opponent goes that way. I set it up by leading my head here, throwing the punch that he’s closest to, hook and then I cross. Now I reload again. If my opponent goes this way, instead of throwing the hook while he goes that way, I stop him with my cross, move my back foot, realign center, throw my hook. My head is still moving, right?

So when I’m doing this a little faster, I want to over-exaggerate all my movements, but tie in my shoulders, my head, my feet, everything at the same time. So it’s like a dance. I come forward. One, two, reload. Two, three reload, three two reload, two three reload, head movement. Again, one two forward, reload, two three back my head, my hands all together. I don’t have to do it in that sequence. I can stop. Okay. Now my opponent moves. My head goes back to the front foot hook cross, head moving. He goes that way, cross hook. That way I’m throwing the right punches at the right time and moving in the direction that I should be. And that’s my tip.

Shadowboxing and Footwork Boxing Drill

Here’s a simple Boxing drill you can do anywhere with some cones or shoes or whatever you have around the house. Coach Joe uses this to practice moving forward and backward while shadowboxing.


Coach Joe Vargas:
Hey, what’s up guys. I’m showing you guys, laying out how to shadow box moving forward and moving backwards. Some of you guys don’t have cones at home, we set up with very simple stuff that you guys should have home, sandals, shoes, gloves, and they’re all spaced five feet apart. So it’s three steps, one, two, three, and so on and so on.

Guys, what I’m doing is moving forward, shadow boxing. These objects, I’m staying away from them and I’m moving and they’re guiding me. So my inside foot, which is inside of the drill, is lined up with the shoes. I shadow box a little bit, get my hands out, then I shuffle forward. Now I’m lined up with this side, now I’m working, working, cross my … The whole point of the drill is not to cross your feet and not to bring them together.

So now I’ll come this way, so you have a better look. You’re going to be moving forward and backward. So I’m lined up with the cone, my feet are coming here. Now here, my feet are going to want to cross. What I’m going to do, is I’m going to step out, I’ll go slow and line up.

Now for that split second, I’m vulnerable, but I’m trying to make the move as fast as possible. So I’ll do it at my speed now. So I’m shadow boxing, and then I’m here. I’ll do the same thing coming backwards, guiding me, hands are up, shadow boxing, set up, throw a couple punches. See right here, I don’t want to cross my feet. So they’re guiding me and I stay away from them. I don’t come to them.

Basic Footwork and Punch Mechanics

Coach Charles Martinez is back with some more footwork drills to help with your punching mechanics. This lesson is applicable for all the striking arts including Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA.


Coach Charles Martinez:
All right, today we’re working on another basic drill for footwork and punch mechanics, right? So it’s just basic punches with footwork and we’re going to start working angling offline after you throw. So just as a general rule, if I’m in a good fighting stance, I step forward. I throw one two. If I finished with my right hand, I’m going to step right. And then from here, whatever, I can just keep throwing combinations. If I finish with my left hook, I’m going to step and pivot to the left, right? So a simple drill to have you come forward, punch, step offline, come forward punch, finish with the hook, step off line. So you can kind of add levels and angles to your footwork during your shadowboxing just to give you a little bit more a visualization of actually moving at an opponent. So if you enter in a straight line, you exit offline. Or if you enter in a straight line and finish with your lead hook you step and pivot offline.

Learn How to Shift Your Weight and Maintain a Proper Fighting Stance

In this video Coach Vince Salvador covers your first line of defense, which is footwork. He goes over ways to shift your stance and balance your weight during any striking art, including Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA.


Coach Vince Salvador:
What’s up guys? It’s Coach Vince from The Arena, and here are a couple of workouts that you can do as drills or workouts for you to develop your footwork. One of the first things you can do to develop your footwork or your stance in this position when you’re doing for work is to find your balance. And when I’d say that, is by when I can shift my weight from fore to the rear access easily and move at the same time, then I know that I’m centered, and this will help me with this drill. So what I’m doing is with my feet, I’m not moving my feet at all.

My head is going to move into those pockets that will shift my weight into the rear or the forward axis with my head movement and with my head movement, I can add other things into this. So if my head is in the forward axis after I’ve already moved my head, as I slip a right hand punch kick or whatever, now I have my weight on my front foot. So this drill is just going to be me shifting my weight from the front foot, the back foot and changing my angle. So if my head is here and I’m moving my weight this way, and I can do this in front of a mirror, I could do it as I shadow box, but my feet are not moving. My weight’s going to go over my front foot. My right foot is going to replace that. And my body is going to turn out to this corner here. So when my head moves into the front pocket, I shift my weight, my body shoots out to this corner here. I still have my opponent in front of me, but I have a different angle now.

And now I’m not in front anymore. My head comes off the center line and I can set up jabs and other things like that from there. So when I’m using it in a shadow boxing situation, I can go here. My head comes over that front foot, my weight shifts, and my jab comes out to that center line. So I’m just moving my head, head over the front foot, rear leg into the inside, jab to the inside of the center. My head is now in the middle, so if he’s trying to punch me, I’ve got my head outside this center. Again, I’m here. Center line is right here. Outside, inside, outside, inside. Now I pivot inside, head offline. I’m not in that angle of attack anymore. So I’m just using that as a drill. So head, head, here, there.

Now, once I’m in this position and I want to go back, I bring my foot back to that position. Square one. So the drill is head movement, head movement, forward position, punch, back, head movement, head movement, head movement. And that’s a little drill you guys can do for now. It’s going to develop a lot of different things, but the first line of defense should be your feet. Foot work is going to make everything happen. If you can tie your feet and your head together, a lot easier for you to move without getting hit. So again, forward axis, shifting my weight, landing my jab. Now bringing my weight back, head movement off that center line. Keep you safe.

Do It Yourself Slip Bag Boxing Drill at Home

If you’re stuck at home and don’t have any equipment to train, don’t sweat it. Here’s an easy and creative way you can make an imitation slip bag to work on your Boxing head movement at home.


Coach Vince Salvador:
Okay, here’s a drill we could do at home with just a water bottle, some duct tape, and maybe a wrap or some rope. What we’re building is a slip bag. A slip bag is a piece of equipment you can use to work on your head movement. And when I’m working on head movement, I need something coming at me at the same speed all the time so I can understand how to move my head and what direction to move my head.

All I need to do is attach it to something up top, maybe something on your roof. You push it, and it starts to come back. All I want to do is move my head off that. As a beginner, I just use the understanding of when it comes in to move my head. I can go inside. I can slip to the outside. I could slip and roll. I can also shadowbox, and as it comes back, I can move my head so I don’t get hit. If I don’t move, it hits me right in the head, and that’s what the drill is going to help us with.

All right guys, so stay tuned for more content, more drill, stuff you can do at home. We’ll be posting daily. Also, we have The Arena training program coming out at coming soon. We’ll be posting a lot more stuff on there that you guys can do at home. Also, thank you guys for your support while all this stuff is going on. Hopefully, we see you guys soon.

Boxing Drill to Keep Your Punches Straight

In this video striking Coach Charles Martinez teaches a simple way you can use a wall to practice keeping your punches straight and on target. This can be applied to Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA.


Coach Charles Martinez:
Hey guys, this is Coach Chuck from The Arena. During this difficult time, we’re forced to be closed. We want to provide you with some content, simple drills you can do at home, to still work on your technique. Here’s a simple drill to work on, punch mechanics. A very common mistake when throwing, especially the right straight of the cross, or left straight if you’re lefthanded, is to open your elbow and then try and throw the punch.

This motion like A, it shows the punch much earlier. It’s like swinging a stick at someone this way versus this way, right? If I open my elbow, you can really see the punch coming a lot sooner and I lose some of the power of rotation in my shoulder and I feel like I’m doing more tricep extension than I am. The mechanics of throwing the straight, my hip moves, my body rotates, the hand comes straight out, it comes straight back to my face, right? A very common mistake.

A simple thing you can do at home to correct this is getting your rear foot and your shoulder near this wall. If I open my elbow, I’m going to collide with the wall, right? I show the jab, my shoulder rotates, my rear shoulders close to the wall. All the mechanics happen. My right straight shoots straight out, straight back to my face. My elbow flares out and opens, I hit the wall.

All right, so first, just the mechanics of rotation. Straight out, shoulder touches my chin, hand rotates, lead hand stays in my face, straight back. Hip rotates, knee bends, foot rotates, straight back to my face. Then I can start walking. I can throw the jab or I can throw the cross. I reset. My weight is here. My hip is still close to the wall. My hand is still close to the wall.

Then, as you advance, you throw the jab, you throw the cross, on the retraction of the cross, you throw the hook. The hook stops basically at my center line, slightly past, because of the wall, and it resets my fighting stance, right? Very simple. I throw the jab. As I throw the cross, my elbow stays down, it shoots straight out. As I retract, I hook, I’m right back in my fighting stance. Simple drill you can do if you just have a wall at home.

Anything to keep you honest on your elbow, on the straight. Stay tuned, we’ll be providing content daily. Between all the different martial arts, we’ll try and give you different things to work on at home. Also, we’re diligently working on an online training program for, which is coming soon, and it’s going to provide lots of information for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you soon.

Figure 8 Footwork Drill for Boxing

In this video The Arena Striking Coach Vince Salvador teaches a simple drill you can do at home, with zero equipment, to work on your footwork for Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA.


Coach Vince Salvador:
What’s up guys? So here’s a little drill you guys can do at home, anywhere with two gloves, a pair of shoes, anything you can put on the ground. What we’re doing is we’re putting two reference points so that we can make a figure eight with our footwork. What we’re doing is we’re going to start on this side of the glove. If I’m right handed, I want my left foot to be on this side of the glove, and I’m going to make my way towards that glove with my hands up and my fight stance and everything, and I’m going to push and slide as I come across the corner, and when I hit the glove I’m going to take that turn there with my pivot and my footwork to be inside.

So what I want to do is start off in a good fight stance, elbows in, chin down, everything the same as you would in a fight, and I’m going to push off with the back foot and I’m going to make my way. Depending on your skill level you could go slow, you could go a little faster, you can stop, you can do whatever you want on this, but it’s just a reference point.

When I’m coming through, I’m pushing off the back foot and I’m stepping and sliding so that I can be a little more mobile when I’m moving. If my feet come together, I’m not going to have balance, also it’s going to be harder for me to move my feet.

So what we’re trying to do is use these as reference points so that when I’m moving down the line I know when to turn the corner, and how my feet and my body have to adjust to the positioning of me and the gloves. As I make the figure eight movement, when I’m coming back down this way, I turn to the inside, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a step and I pivot to the inside, so I can move around that corner, I don’t have to lift my legs.

If I want to I can make it a little more fast, I can bounce, depending on your skill level, you can move, turn that corner. But you can easily just slowly move around until you get comfortable with how your feet move and how far apart they need to be at all times. If my feet get too far apart for me, I’m not moving, hard to turn the corner, makes moving my feet a lot harder.

All right guys, stay tuned for more content, more drills, stuff you can do at home. We’ll be posting daily. Also, we have the Arena training programming coming out at the Arena.TV coming soon. We’ll be posting a lot more stuff on there that you guys can do at home. Also, thank you guys for your support while all this stuff is going on. Hopefully, we see you guys soon.

Simple Head Movement Drill For Boxing

MMA and Kickboxing Coach Vince Salvador shows a cool drill you can do at home by simply tying a wrap or rope across the room. This will help you develop the proper head movement to slip punches while boxing.


Coach Vince Salvador:
What’s up guys? So here’s another head movement drill you can do at home with just a piece of rope or wraps that you already have. And all you’re doing is using your legs to get underneath the rope by squatting, getting a good level change, and then rolling my head or slipping my head underneath. If I don’t do that, my legs are straight. It’s going to be hard. And then if you do it this way, you’re doing it wrong. Your back’s bending. So no bend at the back. Bend at the legs.

And when I’m moving forward, I’m just inching my way forward using the same mechanics that we did with the footwork. Keeping our elbows in, chin down, feet close enough together so that they’re never too far apart. So when I do roll underneath, I can continue moving without stopping.

This is without punches, just moving forward, backwards because understanding that the center line is where I need to make sure my head isn’t, right? Also, you can throw punches and do the same thing while you’re going forward and you can use those punches to set up your head movement. A basic rule, if I’m going that way, I punch that way first. So I want to roll underneath, I throw my hook, it helps me get underneath. I can throw a jab, get underneath. I can throw the cross, get underneath this way, right? So punch first, then move second.

All right guys, so stay tuned for more content, more drills, stuff you could do at home. We’ll be posting daily. Also, thank you guys for your support while all this stuff is going on. Hopefully we’ll see you guys soon.

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