Austin Brooks Ready for His 6th Professional Boxing Match

Arena Pro Boxer Austin Brooks has his 6th pro fight this Saturday April 23rd in Tijuana Mexico at The Big Punch Arena. Austin looks to stay undefeated at 6-0 and move up the rankings as a professional boxer. Wish him and Coach Basheer luck and give them a follow to watch this young fighter’s career.


Austin Brooks:
My name’s Austin Brooks. I’m getting ready for my sixth professional boxing match. It’s going to be this Saturday, April 23rd in Tijuana, Mexico at the Big Punch Arena. Camp was real good. I put in a lot of sparring. I was sparring with Oscar Valdez over at Canelo’s Gym three times a week. Me and my coach, Basheer, we’ve been just putting in a lot of work, a lot of hours in the gym, grinding and staying ready. My focus right now is just keep my undefeated record, just keep building my resume. And eventually this year, get on a big promotional card and hopefully get signed.

Denise Moran Announces Professional Boxing Contract

The Arena is thrilled to announce that our very own Denise “La Torita” Moran has just signed a professional boxing contract with Split-T Management. Split-T and Denise announced the decision earlier on April 15th, 2022. Moran, the 2020 amateur national champion, will be looking to add to her impressive resume, fighting some of the best boxers in the world. She will undoubtedly continue to accomplish incredible feats as a professional boxer. Congratulations Denise!

“Samurai” Sosa Knocks Out Jesus Vega

Last night, The Arena’s professional boxer Damian “Samurai” Sosa defended his WBO Latino Super Welterweight Championship Belt against fellow Mexican prospect, Jesus Vega. Sosa secured an impressive knockout 1:35 into the third round, after controlling the entire fight. Last night’s dominant display puts Sosa in an excellent position for a world title shot in the near future. 


“I think we all dream of one day being able to fight for a world title,” said Sosa. “I prepare myself every day for that. I know that the opportunity will present itself one day because I will look for it. I’ll continue growing and waiting for that opportunity.”


The fight replay can be purchased for $16.99 on at the link below:

What Gear Do I Need for Boxing?

In light of The Arena announcing the addition of the 12:00pm boxing class to the daily schedule, you may be wondering what you need to get started. Here is the list of gear that you should purchase before attending your first boxing class:

16oz Gloves: 

Gloves are an essential part of any boxing class as a significantly large number of classes involve hitting pads with a partner. In order to protect your hands and your partner, it is necessary to have a good set of gloves. Ringside makes some excellent gloves for those that are looking for something boxing-specific. Check out the pro shop to get a look at some of our Ringside gloves. 

Hand Wraps: 

Wrist and knuckle protection should be one of your top priorities when starting out in boxing. Along with a good set of gloves, handwraps will help protect your hands and wrist as you make contact with pads, bags, etc. The Arena sells red, blue, and black hand wraps by the front desk. 

Head Gear: 

Sparring is one of the most effective ways that you can improve your boxing. The Arena has sparring sessions during all boxing classes on Friday. In order to attend a sparring session you will need headgear. Open face or face saver headgear can be found at the pro shop at the front desk. 

Mouth Guard:

Another essential piece of gear for sparring is a quality mouthguard. Shock Doctor mouthguards can be found in the pro shop and can be molded to your teeth using the boil-and-bite method. You can also opt for a custom mouthguard from your dentist’s office. 

Boxing Shoes: 

If you are planning on taking boxing seriously, you should invest in a nice set of boxing shoes from any reputable boxing brand such as Title Boxing or Adidas. Boxing shoes will prevent you from slipping on sweat during high intensity training sessions and sparring rounds.

New Boxing Class Added to Schedule

The Arena Gym is thrilled to announce that starting Monday, April 4th, we will be adding another boxing class to our schedule at 12:00 noon. The class will be taught by coach Joe Vargas and will follow the same format as The Arena’s other boxing classes. Please see the front desk if you have any questions about this new addition to The Arena’s schedule.

The Arena Gym “Since 1949”

Following the launch of our new Arena Boxing shirts last week, many were left curious about the origin of the shirt’s epigraph “Since 1949”. While we are always excited about where our gym is headed in the future, we want to take an opportunity to pay homage to our past. This is the story of how The Arena Gym came to be.


Our story begins in Iowa in 1937 with Aloysius “Al” Holtmann. Holtmann enlisted in the Marine Corps at age 21 and later that year, graduated from the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, California. Al was stationed in Hawaii from 1938-1940, where he met Legendary Okazaki Seishiro. Under Okazaki Seishiro, Al began to learn Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu, a Japanese martial art containing elements of Jujutsu, Karate, Boxing, Wrestling, and Judo. Two years later, Holtmann received his Mokuroku from Seishiro, which enabled him to begin teaching Danzan-Ryu.


The outbreak of the Second World War in the early 1940s led to Holtmann’s deployment to the Pacific theater. There, he saw combat in some of the bloodiest battles of World War II, including Guam and Okinawa. Upon the war’s end, Holtmann retired from the Marine Corps and attended San Diego State University, all while continuing to teach Judo at the San Diego YMCA. After graduating college in 1949, Al founded his own club under the name “San Diego Judo Club”. Growing intrigue in Japanese culture and martial arts during the 1950s resulted in a surge in membership at Holtmann’s club. San Diego Judo Club was frequently featured in local newspapers and magazines, including the first edition of Black Belt magazine (America’s oldest martial arts magazine) in 1961.


Over the course of the next 5 decades, Holtmann taught over 100,000 students at his academy. Following his death in 2001, he was posthumously awarded his 6th degree black belt from Kodokan Judo headquarters in Tokyo. Holtmann’s student, Sensei Gene Mauro, took over the school after Al’s death. A 7th degree blackbelt and former Judo National Heavyweight Champion, Mauro led the school from 2002 until 2005. In 2006, San Diego Judo Club moved from its original location on 30th Street, to its current location at 3350 Sports Arena Blvd, and changed its name to The Arena. Today, The Arena is the second oldest martial arts school in the country and the largest school in North America.

Since 1949

Arena Member Maggie Got Hooked on Day One

Another member profile, letting you hear straight from the members how their experience has been at The Arena. Check out Maggie Duarte’s story about her journey in Coach Joe’s Boxing class and Coach Jason’s Fight Built class.


Maggie Duarte:
I have been coming here for about a year and a couple of months. I’m born and raised here in San Diego and I’ve been to a few other fight gyms and everybody who’s from here knows The Arena’s at the top. I said I’m just going to go and check it out. I was a little bit intimidated, but everybody was very friendly here. I’ve never felt any bad vibes from anybody. Ever since then, I’ve pretty much been here every single day that it’s open.

I do the boxing class, as well as I lift on my own, and I also do the fight build class with Coach Jason. I noticed a lot of improvement not just in my physical fitness, but also my mental as well. Being a better person. And what that includes is having discipline, being committed, and also being consistent. The environment here, it helped me be accountable for myself. It makes me want to come in here every day. I don’t know about anybody else, but at least that’s how I feel.

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