Boxing Uppercuts for Speed and Power

In this Boxing Tip of the Week, Coach Joe Vargas breaks down to different uppercuts. One comes from your gun holster level and used for power. The other comes from your armpit level and is used for speed.


Coach Joe Vargas:
My name is Joe Vargas, I’m one of the head boxing coaches at The Arena. Today we’re going to be discussing, for the tip of the week, the uppercut. The uppercut is thrown from two different angles for me, two different levels. One is the gun holster and one is the armpit. When you’re being attacked, you’d bring it from the gun holster up, up. Yeah, they’re closing the gap, they’re closing the quarters. So what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to generate the most power that you can in a short distance. That’s why that uppercut comes from the holster. You’ve created momentum from a short stance. When you’re pressuring, you throw it from the armpit. That’s a quick uppercut, quick uppercut. Doesn’t matter what stance you do it from. The armpit uppercut is just to create speed to set up your right hand or your left hook behind it. It’s a quick punch. The holster uppercut is to create more momentum in a short distance, so you’re dropping your hand and picking up that momentum. That’s what separates both shots. One is speed and one is designed with power. That’s your tip of the week.

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