Boxing Olympian Jennifer Chieng Looks to Begin Her Pro Boxing Career

2016 Olympian Jennifer Chieng has been visiting to train with our elite boxing coach and former Olympic Team Coach Basheer Abdullah. Jennifer is already a professional MMA fighter and is now hoping to begin her pro boxing career.


Jennifer Chieng:
I started boxing pretty late when I was around 20 years old. I competed in the Rio Olympics. I go back and forth between MMA and boxing, and since I’ve transitioned to professional MMA, I’m hoping to also do the same with boxing.

Coach Basheer Abdullah:
I met Jennifer back in 2014 at the nationals. I was watching her and I was like, “Wow, that young lady is very, very talented,” but she was still green at the time. She was very young and still had a lot of growth in front of her. She have family here in San Diego. So when she used to come visit her family, she will reach out to me about training. And so she made the 2016 Rio Olympic games. I was thinking that she was going to turn professional boxing after that, but she decided to pursue MMA. Again over the years, she will continue to reach out to me and train, and during those years I will harass her about becoming a professional boxer. And this time home, she responded by saying that she’s ready to make that move to become a professional boxer. So I’m excited to have this opportunity to be working with her. And again, looking forward to making her become a world champion.

Jennifer Chieng:
My goals are to stay active. There’s still a lot as far as my performance that I do want to improve upon. And so I guess as far as goals, it’s really truly that I just want to compete in both in MMA and in boxing, and see how far I can take it, because I’m just really in love with the games.

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