Boxing Coach Joe Vargas Enjoys His Favorite Local Taco Shop

Our Boxing Coach Joe Vargas loves his Mexican food, so he brought us along to his favorite taco shop just around the corner from The Arena.


Coach Joe Vargas:
What do you want to drink, dawg?

Mike, our manager, one time brought me here, when I first started. And I’ve been coming here maybe twice a week I get out here. And I get all their specials and they have some really good food here. I didn’t think they would have that good of Mexican food in Point Loma, but they got it. That guy in the back, he always knows what I want. He already started ordering my food as soon as he saw me.

This is it right here, baby.

What is that?

Coach Joe Vargas:
This is shrimp cooked in lime with hot sauce. Us Mexicans like to put lime and salt on everything. Don’t ask me why.

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