Boxing Coach Joe Vargas Breaking Down Some Fundamentals

Mechanical corrections when you are learning the fundamentals of boxing are of paramount importance to program the correct muscle memory. Anyone can make you tired, but real coaches can really teach you the sweet science of boxing. Here Coach Joe Vargas makes corrections in his boxing fundamentals class.


Coach Joe Vargas:
The best way you can block a punch is if you put it like this, now go ahead and throw a hook, Joe. Throw it harder. That way you don’t hit yourself. You’ve got to press it against you, okay?


Stay low on that uppercut. Get low, now go. Step over on that under. No, you’re stepping to your side. Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, boom, boom, boom.


Your foot’s coming off the ground so look here. When I throw a one, two, I’m going to show you what you’re doing. You’re going like this. Your foot’s like this so there’s no power behind that. You want go boom, boom. Everything drives from your back foot. So boom, boom. Imagine throwing a baseball far. With your foot in the air it’s gonna be hard. You’ve got to drive off of it.


The next punch is a hook. Throw it, throw it. Boom. Your hook is not like that son. Pull it back, this way, and now bring it up like you’re going to slap me then you’re going to bring it around and hook it. Okay? Start from right there, bend your knees, go. No you’re pulling the punch you’re not hooking it. A hook is like boom. Last second it lands. Hit me with a one, two right here, soft. One, two. Now from the same range I want you to throw a hook to the back of my shoulder. So throw all three punches. See how you do the hook? Come on, do it again. Keep your hand up. Hand up, look. Throw it wider, I want it wider. Go. There you go, again. That’s how you throw a hook. You see that? Now do it here. There you go.


Try to stay as close as possible, even if you become a pest. Don’t lose your balance. Here we go I’ll do it as a lefty. Throw under, throw. Set your feet no matter what. Set your feet, there you got to get used to that. See that? Your heads falling forward but your feet are not following you. I need your feet first before your head. Right there, relax, comfortable. There you go. Get comfortable with those movements.

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