Boxing Coach Basheer Abdullah and Stephan Shaw

The Arena’s pro heavyweight boxer Stephan Jabari Shaw is on the rise coming off a big knockout win in his last bout. Check out this quick clip of him sharpening his skill with Arena Boxing Coach Basheer Abdullah.


Basheer Abdullah:
Jab, slip, run the three. Two. One. That’s right. Now, if you shift to do it, that’s right. Okay? But if you got to sit in the pocket and do it-


Stephen Shaw:
Swing left-


Basheer Abdullah:
… then step around, right.


Stephen Shaw:


Basheer Abdullah:
Okay. Jab. All right. Run it. No, don’t pull it away, bring if off the hip, off the hip, tight off the hip.


Stephen Shaw:
All right.


Basheer Abdullah:
Jab, slide out, uppercut hook. Straight out, straight back. Here we go, he going to come. He’s walking in without a jab. Here we go. Hang on. Good. One up, one down. Run it. Good. Beautiful. Jab. Run it. Cut, three. Whoo!

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