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Tip of the week – Long & Short Range Power Kicks

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Hi my name is Boungnaphonh Makthepharaks. Today we’re gonna show you the kick. The power kicks. Yeah, long range power kick and short range power kick. Long range is just, stretch more your legs out apart. Long. See how the shin goes back that way? And the short range is more straight in. Straight in …Read More

Tip of the Week – Clean & Presses

The Arena Blog

Hi, this is Jason Salazar here at The Arena. Today I’m going to show you a little tip on clean and presses. We’re going through a couple different variations of kettlebells. Start off with a regular basic double, in between the legs, pop it up with my hips, and push. I like to do these …Read More

Tip of the Week – Outside Foot Placement

The Arena Blog

I’m Joe Vargas, one of the coaches here at The Arena. Today, helping me is Ricardo and Hank. Left-hander, right-hander. We’re going to work on foot placement, how it means a lot in a sparring match, in a light sparring, in a competition, in a fight to control the outside foot. We have the right-hander, …Read More

Tip of the Week – Off Balance to Double Leg

The Arena Blog

Okay, so real common situation here. We’re stuck in this over under in this 50 50 position. And I want to progress my position. So I’m going to set up my double leg. Alls I’m going to do is I’m going slap his lat here as I bump the inside of knee. So I go, …Read More

Tip of the Week: Options for The Clinch

The Arena Blog

Vince: How’s it going? I’m Coach Vince Salvador from the Arena. Charles: I’m Coach Charles Martinez. We’re here to discuss some options for the clinch different than what you may have seen before. We’ll start here. Vince: A lot of times in the clinch, the basic rule for the clinch is to have my hips …Read More



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