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Tip of the Week – Off Balance to Double Leg

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Okay, so real common situation here. We’re stuck in this over under in this 50 50 position. And I want to progress my position. So I’m going to set up my double leg. Alls I’m going to do is I’m going slap his lat here as I bump the inside of knee. So I go, …Read More

Tip of the Week: Options for The Clinch

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Vince: How’s it going? I’m Coach Vince Salvador from the Arena. Charles: I’m Coach Charles Martinez. We’re here to discuss some options for the clinch different than what you may have seen before. We’ll start here. Vince: A lot of times in the clinch, the basic rule for the clinch is to have my hips …Read More

Tip of the Week – Rolling Back Take

The Arena Blog

Jamarr Coleman:  Hey, what’s up everybody. This is Jamarr from The Arena. I am here with the rattlesnake, Ryan Fortin, one of our jiu-jitsu coaches here. I got a question for you. I know we were working on the rolling back take. I try it, and I’m like a damn ostrich. You know? I’m like hitting …Read More

Tip of the Week: Footwork with Joe Vargas

The Arena Blog

My name is Joe Vargas. I’m one of the head coaches here at The Arena. Today helping me is Master Baret Yoshida. We’re gonna be working on proper footwork and how you could create an opening by just moving your feet an inch or two while you’re in the trenches. So Master Baret is gonna …Read More

Baret Yoshida Head Jiu Jitsu Coach at The Arena

Baret Yoshia is the Head Jiu JItsu Coach at The Arena

Legendary Grappler Baret “The Finisher” Yoshida has joined The Arena as the Head Jiu Jitsu Coach. A 2x No Gi Jiu Jitsu World Champion and 3x ADCC Medalist, Baret is a Jiu Jitsu legend. He has been a fan favorite since 1999, when he burst onto the international Jiu Jitsu scene as a Purple Belt …Read More



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