Baret Yoshida Triangle Drill Using a Baseball Bat

Jiu Jitsu Coach Baret Yoshida is back with another cool drill you can at home by yourself to practice your triangle choke. All you’ll need is a bat or stick of some kind.


Coach Baret Yoshida:
So this is the Triangle. I’m going to start off holding the bat here, I’m leaning on my back here. I’m going to bring one foot underneath the bat and put the other foot up on it here. From here I’m going to throw the bat, and as it comes around, i remove my right foot here and I bring it behind the left foot. I’m going to hook onto the pose here. So here, I’m going to twirl, grab the bat here, bringing that right foot underneath here, okay?

And then once I come through here, just like a jump rope I’m going to bring one foot over. I’m going to pull it, go back into the triangle here, and I’m going to come around the handle here, and cup around my knee, something like this. And I’m going to use the other hand here for some leverage so I can put some resistance up against my legs.

And then we can restart.


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