Arena Member Chris’ Experience in Fightbuilt Strength and Conditioning Class

Chris Duron has been working out in The Arena’s strength and conditioning class Fightbuilt for over four years now. Hear what he has to say about the class and Coach Jason Salazar.



My name is Chris. I’ve been coming here for about four years. This year I’ve been off and on. Now, I’ll have time to get back into the gym and just wanting to get my conditioning back and there’s no better workout than this. Jay’s a great coach, good motivator. He keeps you interested, keeps the workouts versatile, and when we come in it’s never the same. Gives you a great functional warmup, and then just a good overall killer workout, whether it’s strength and conditioning, or just hardcore cardio conditioning, you’re going to get a great workout no matter what. This workout is going to test you, no matter what your fitness level is, it’s going to push you to the max. When I work out, way I like to put it is, I like to get my heart to try to jump out of my chest. This is one of the best ways to push yourself to that level. If you’re not into that, you can come in and work out at your own pace. So, it’s overall just a great workout for no matter what your mindset is.

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