Arena Member Abel Talks About Boxing Program

Check out this week’s testimonial featuring The Arena’s Abel Guzman as he talks about his goals and his experience training under The Arena’s Boxing Coach Joe Vargas. Come train with the best in the game!


Abel Guzman:
My name is Abel Guzman. I trained for about eight months at a different gym. I’ve been here about three months working with Coach Joe. It’s been great. I’m looking to rack up some amateur fights this year and hopefully turn pro next year.


Coach Joe has worked with lots of amateurs and lots of pros so I know he’s going to be able to take care of me. The class really has a whole bunch of different levels of people. Some people have never boxed in their life. Some people are fairly experienced with a couple amateur fights, but regardless of your level, Coach Joe isn’t going to leave you hanging or straggling. He’s going to make sure that you fit in. Everybody’s pretty inclusive here and it’s a great atmosphere.

Coach Joe’s a great coach. He pushes you very hard and he holds you accountable. He’s not going to let anything slide. He’s helped me personally and I’ve seen a lot of improvement. He definitely knows what he’s doing. He’s been around for a while and I look forward to working with him more. It’s great working with him.

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