Arena Boxer Nigel Fennell Fights His 11th Professional Bout Tonight

Tonight Arena Pro Boxer Nigel Fennell will be fighting his 11th professional bout in Tijuana, with Coach Joe Vargas in his corner. Best of luck to Nigel as he continues to climb the ranks.


Coach Joe Vargas:
So, we’re getting ready for Nigel’s 11th pro fight. He’s going to be fighting in Tijuana. For this camp, he sparred with another prospect out of San Diego, Kevin Torres, a couple of times. It was very good sparring. He’s sparred with the Olympian Lindolfo Delgado, did very good there, sparring with those guys, so he got some elite sparring. We’re excited to see where he’s at. His last fight he fought a veteran, and he took him out. He’s just moving in the right direction.

This is the end of camp. We worked predominantly all reaction drills. We worked on defense, counters and slips, and just basically putting the game plan together. After this fight, we’re looking at some network fights on TV. The rest is up to him to keep striving in the right direction.

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