Adan Palma Ready for 2nd Professional Fight

Young Professional Boxer Adan Palma is ready for his 2nd professional bout this Saturday in Guadalajara. He’s coming off a first round knockout in his professional debut, and we’re excited to see him step in the ring again!


Coach Joe Vargas:
I’m so excited this Saturday, October 10th, Adan Palma will be going the second pro fight. He’ll be fighting on a big stage in Guadalajara, Mexico under Canelo Alvarez’s promotion company.

Palma approached me when he was about 11 years old. To be where we’re at now, over 120 amateur fights later, going on the second profile is quite an adventure with that young man. Seeing him grow from a kid who didn’t know how to fight now to fighting men and sparring world champions, it gives me a great sense of pride as his coach to be moving on this path with him.

We’re coming off a first round knockout, his previous fight. We got to keep his feet on the ground. Not every opponent’s going to go that way, so we’re just working for hard four rounds, but if we get them out early, we get them out early. If we don’t, we’re ready to go the four rounds.

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