Conjugate Tactical Speed Bench Press Workout at The Arena

We had Jason Gusic of Conjugate Tactical come to our strength training facility and get a work out on our Westside Barbell equipment. These guys are strong as hell and got in a great workout!


Jason Gusic:
My name is Jason Gusic. I’ve been part of Westside Barbell since 2013, officially. My background being former military, former law enforcement, it’s come to be where I worked with a lot of our first responders and military work. And then that’s grown into what we do now with Conjugate Tactical.

We’ve been out here, up at Camp Pendleton, doing some work for the week. And we’ve been able to come down to The Arena. Today, we’ve linked up with some of the guys from the area here, we’re going to put in a dynamic upper, put in a high volume bench day, and see what we can make use of the equipment here.

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