Guro Willie Laureano Knife Defense Tactic

Guro Willie Laureano, a Filipino Martial Arts instructor shows some basic knife defense tactics during one of his many seminars here at The Arena.


Willie Laureano:
From here, if I’m attacking Charles, all he’s doing, he’s going to base, he’s going to home base, right? That’s home basing, and that’s going to the opposite side, okay? That’s all he’s going to do, okay? Right?


So if I go here, he’s going to home base. He goes to that side. But notice that gift right there. That’s a boom. Okay, one more time. He’s on this side now. If he’s on this side, if I deliver this, he goes there, look at the left hook. He just goes back and forth. But notice I’m serving a drill right now so he can have the experience of doing the stepping properly first. I’m not wrecking him yet. Yet.


So from here I’m going. That’s it. That’s all I’m doing. See. All we’re doing right now. That’s it. Good. Now it doesn’t really matter. See, that’d be his left hand. Okay? Doesn’t matter. That’s it. Good. See what’s happening here. Does that look like boxing? Because that is Filipino boxing. That’s how it happened. All right, let’s do this. Go. Let’s do this. Enough talking.

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